The Matrix

So, I inadvertently marked this word in the Bible, some while ago, because it sounded cool. But when today I notice all three of my bookmarks I use in my Bible are on this one page in Numbers where this word is seemingly at random, I decided to take a closer look. God is not a God of random, he is absolute, all efficient, he is a real-time (Daniel 9:23) all-purpose God.

The film Title ‘The Matrix’  was of no accident; as in Numbers the matrix described here is in reference to the same, it is the womb, and In the Holy-Wood occult, their matrix womb conceived humans for the use of their bodies as  batteries, and in the scene where Neo (a type Christ) is awakened the worlds rendition of their matrix is revealed and exposed.

Inside this passage found in the Book of Numbers, is one of the most important and yet overlooked verses in all the Bible, it is the separating of the tribe of Levi, in lieu of the firstborn to be  for the purposes of God. The great significance is the idea of the first born male belonging to God, you see God has called us to be a peculiar people, a royal priesthood, we are all chosen of God, but God has retained in His Word an importance on the first born or first fruits.  Cane offered God ‘some’ of his harvest while Abel offered the ‘first’ of His flock.  The difference is Abel’s sacrifice required faith, not knowing if there would be another born to his flock; whereas Cane gave his leftovers, out of his abundance.
‘Instead of all the firstborn that openeth the matrix among the children of Israel, therefore the Levites shall be mine.’
So much To dive into here,
To be continued ……


One thought on “The Matrix”

  1. This is my first published word. It is rather electrifying, I must admit; and in keeping spirit with Ray Bradbury’s famous line: ‘ you only fail if you stop writing.’ I hereby submit my first published thought.

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